Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I use any of your tools? 

Before you can use our tools, you'll need to take an orientation for the specific tool. For example, if you would like to use our woodworking tools, you'll need to take the WOODSHOP 101 class. 

  • I bought a membership, does that mean I can use the tools right away?

Not right away, but after you've taken the orientation you can. We generally recommend taking the orientation before you sign up as a member to get the most out of your membership.

  • I have years of experience with this tool, do I still need to take the introductory course? 

If you are a more experienced maker, you are welcome to e-mail us at to book a test: Woodshop Test, Metalshop Test, Plasma Cutting Test or Welding Test

*All challenge tests cost $120 + tax.

*bookings and/or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance

  • How do I know when a tool is available? Can I just drop-in? 

We have an online calendar for the laser cutter and the CNC router where you can book a time to use the machine: The woodworking tools are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Do my machine minutes get carried over?

No.  If you do not use your monthly minutes, they expire.

  • What file types does the CNC router and the laser cutter accept? 

Most vector files are accepted: PDF, SVG, AI, and DXF. DWG is acceptable for the CNC router. However PDF tends to be best at keeping its dimensions.


  • When are your classes? 

Our class calendar can be found here. Typically, they are offered on a weekly basis.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the class? 

Not at all! We need everyone to wear closed-toe shoes and if you have long hair you have to tie them. You can bring pen and paper to take notes, or your own safety goggles and boots for the WOODSHOP 101 class. Otherwise, we provide you with safety goggles and ear plugs. 

  • Can I come in on the day of the class and pay by cash? 

Yes, however, no spot is not guaranteed as priority is given to people who have paid and registered online.

  • Can I get a refund if I missed a class or if I can't attend the class?

We cannot give you a refund; however, if you have given us 24-hour notice, we can register you for the following class.

  • I paid full price for the class, but I became a member after that. Is it possible for me to get the member price somehow? 

Yes, if you sign up as a member within same day of the class, we will give you a $20 refund back to your credit card.

  • Do you offer private classes?

Yes we do. Our private class rates are $120 + tax per person. 

Memberships and space

  • May I come in and get a tour? 

Yes, tours are offered most days at 2 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM. Book online here.

  • Is there any special requirement to become a member?

None at all, just sign up in person at the front desk. You still need to take the introductory class in order to use the tools. 

  • How do I rent space at MakerLabs? 

Contact us or drop by to find out which spaces are available.  After you choose a space, you have to sign up for a Maker Studio plan in person to secure your space.  Please note, only members are permitted to rent space.

  • How do I rent space for my workshop or meetup? 

    If you will be charging an attendance fee for your event, it will cost $50/hour (non-member) or $25/hour (member) including set-up and clean-up time. 

  • How do I know which space is available?

You can email us to inquire about the availability. 

  • Is there any difference between renting a space in the ground floor and the second floor? 

The ground floor is suited for more work that involves noise and dust. The second floor is a noise-free and dust-free environment. 

  • I just moved into a studio space on the 9th of the month, when does my contract begin?

Payments recur every month, on the 15th of the month so if you move in on the 9th, your monthly rent would be pro-rated until the start of the contract. 

*Pro-rated rent is calculated by dividing the monthly rent by the average days in a month for the majority of months in a year, or thirty days. This provides the amount per day it costs to rent the space. Then, this number is multiplied by the amount of days the new studio holder will occupy the space for the remainder of the month. The sum is then the amount of pro-rated rent charged to the new studio holder.

For example, if the monthly studio rent is $210. The daily rent for the space is $7. A new studio holder that will occupy the studio for ten days would therefore be charged $49 pro-rated rent.

  • How do I get 24/7 access to the space? 

You need to subscribe 250 square feet or more of Maker studio space.

  • I have other people that will be working in my space, do they have to become a member as well? 

If they will only be using your studio space and occasional access to tools, they can become an Affiliate member. Affiliate membership gives the holder access to the studio space and discounted classes, but not the discounted rate or unlimited access to tools.

  • Can I get a refund for my membership?

No, we do not give refunds for membership fees. And we must be notified 7 days in advance of the renewal date or you will be charged for that month.

  • Is there somewhere I can put my project?

We have storage shelves and sheet storage that are available for rent. The rates are $5 per day,  $20 per week and $50 per month.


  • Can I expect to get a rush job done immediately at the time of drop off?

For rush jobs, we typically take the material and turn it around within 24 hours, or during the same day if it's a smaller job. But if you want it done immediately, we charge $2 per minute for the appointment time.

  • Can I be present during the job?

Full service in-person appointments cost $30 per 30 minutes or $3 per minute of cutting time (whichever is greater).

  • Can you prep a file for me?

Yes, we charge $1 per minute for design and file conversion.