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Overview & Purpose

Digital fabrication is the combination of designing using a computer (computer automated design, CAD) and running machinery controlled by a computer (computer numerical control, CNC).  Machines can be reliably programmed to create consistent and accurate products from digital designs. These tools are quite accessible, especially at MakerLabs and this program will empower their use.

This 80 hour course will include hands on experience to get you acquainted and proficient with digital fabrication. You will thoroughly explore the design process and learn what’s best for you.

No experience necessary.

CAD program: Inkscape, and open-source, free to use, 2D vector design program and introduction to Fusion 360
CNC Machinery: Laser Cutter and CNC Router Table, allowing precision cutting of wood, plastic, soft metal, fabrics, etc.


  • MakerLabs Membership for 1 month

  • 4 orientation classes

    • LaserLab 101

    • 2D Vector Design 101

    • CNC Router 101

    • WoodLab 101

  • Dedicated space   

  • 60 minutes of extra cutting time

  • $60 of MakerLabs material

  • Platform to share/ exhibit work

  • Guidance


2 weeks, 40 hours
Monday, April 1st - Friday, April 12th

Optional: Saturday, April 13th - Tuesday, April 30th: independent research project

Class Size: 6 - 10 students


Students must be at MakerLabs Mondays - Fridays from 9 AM - 5 PM
We expect a minimum of 40 hours a week to be committed to the program

Project legacy

All intellectual property will remain in possession of the student(s)
Anything built here is the property of the resident
Any documentation can be shared by MakerLabs through our website/social media etc.

Application Process

Send an email with the subject line “Application - 2D Digital Fabrication” included as a .pdf:

  1. Letter of Intent
    up to 500 words answering the following questions:
        What is your technical, artistic, and design background?
        What is your desired outcome from this course?
        What are your goals in the field of digital fabrication?

  2. Resume

  3. Letter of Reference
    A work reference that can comment on your initiative and capacity

Application Deadline

Early Bird - 11:59 PM February 24, 2019: $1,250 + tax
General - 11:59 PM March 10, 2019: $1,350 + tax

Application Review

You will be notified by the following dates on the status of your application  

Early Bird - March 1, 2019
General - March 15, 2019

Home Stay

If you are from out of town, inquire about complimentary home stays. Note. there are very limited spaces.

Happy Making