Tools for Women

 Now accepting applications November

At MakerLabs, we that believe sharing space, tools, and skills are fundamental aspects of maker culture. The Tools For Women residency focuses on empowering self-identified women and non-binary people to use the tools at MakerLabs in a comfortable and supportive environment to make almost anything.

The first month of the residency is dedicated to learning to use the tools we have available here and the second month you act as a mentor and continue to work on personal projects. Whether you are a seasoned maker or you are at the beginning of your making journey, this program works to support women making and designing at MakerLabs.



Length of residency
2 months

No. of residents per month
Max 4 

Cost of residency 
$300 + tax + Any additional material residents may use 

Included in residency

  • MakerLabs Extended Hours Membership (2 months)

  • Dedicated meeting table and short term storage

  • 4 tool orientations:

    • WoodLab 101

    • LaserLab 101

    • CNC Router 101

    • MetalLab 101

  • Platform to share/exhibit work

  • MakerLabs Guidance & Support to help execute your project ideas

What is expected from the residency

Month 1:

Create a project that uses tools within MakerLabs
Present a ‘show and tell’ at the next Women's Maker Meetup
Documentation - blog posts, frequent Instagram posts

Month 2:
Become mentors for the next cohort
Plan and run the monthly Women's Maker Meetup and present their work
Continue work on personal projects
Documentation - blog posts, frequent Instagram posts

Residency commitment
We expect a minimum of 15 hours a week to be committed to the program. Residents must be at MakerLabs for all classes on Monday evenings from 6pm to 9:30pm. All other hours are flexible but we encourage working in groups.

Accommodation and travel
This must be arranged by the resident. 

Project legacy

  • All intellectual property will remain in possession of the resident/s

  • Anything built here is the property of the resident. If you want to leave the project at MakerLabs after the residency is over you will have to pay for storage.

  • Any documentation will be shared by MakerLabs through our website/social media etc

We are now accepting applications for our September / October / November residency intakes. Please send your application to ATTN:TFW and include the following:

  • Resume of relevant work and volunteer experience

  • Visual portfolio of work or concept designs - this can be an Instagram account, website, or formal portfolio

  • Email body explaining what you hope to achieve from the program and how you could give back to others during the second month

  • Preferred months to start (eg. September, October) and your general availability

We choose applicants with three weeks notification before the start month, e.g. announcing early to mid August for the September / October.