Tierney Milne - "A Dream Come True"

Hello! I'm Tierney Milne and I am an interdisciplinary artist here in Vancouver. I work full-time as a freelancer on a broad range of creative projects- anything from murals and fine art to animation and installations. The residency at Makerlabs is a complete dream come true for me as I've always wanted to build more ambitious projects but never felt like I could overcome my intimidation of the tools to go into Makerlabs solo. The idea of a program that builds-in support and walks women through everything they need to know and also gives you a space to work has been pretty life-changing for me, even in the course of a month.


Not only does being surrounded by multi-disciplinary creatives give you a daily inspiration jolt, it's extra energizing to be surrounded by female makers with big dreams and even bigger motivation to realize them. To hear their stories and passions, and be able to talk about mine with them and feel supported is a really special thing (especially after working in hermit-mode at home for so long).


My main focus in the remaining time of the Residency learning to feel comfortable using the CNC and laser cutter, and use those skills to create larger installations and props for some self-initiated photo projects. So far, I have been cutting, prepping, and assembling multiple wood- and mirror-based extruded art pieces to get some confidence in the skills, but I can't wait to push it further :).