Space to make a big mess

Hi !

I'm Roxanne Nesbitt. I am a musician/composer, designer/sound artist and one of the 1st batch of artists doing the "Tools for Women" residency at Maker labs. I'm working on a variety of projects at the studio from musical instruments to furniture to music videos.



It's been about a month and a bit now... And it has been so healthy and productive for me to have daily access to focused studio space and such well-equipped workshops. One of the most useful things that I have made here so far, is a light box to help me make animations. I have been making animated collage videos for my band graftician for a few years now. I've always used janky temporary light boxes but having a custom light box is a game-changer.


I am also working on a couple new videos here. IT"S SOOOO AMAZING TO HAVE SO MUCH SPACE TO MAKE A BIG MESS IN! (and then clean-up after).

This is a excerpt from my new song/video cities: 

-made in part at maker labs on my new light box.

If you want to see / hear the whole video come by the Sunset Terrace on April 21st at 9 pm

All the best,