Can you tell that I like the colour red?

Hello! I'm Diane and I'm a newbie jewelry designer. I first became curious about Makerlabs during a tour there last December, but was overwhelmed by soooooo many tools and classes. Fast forward to May 2018, being accepted to 'Tools For Women' has provided me the great opportunity to learn the basics in digestible sessions: Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Laser Cutting and CNC, all in the company of three other uniquely creative and talented women.

Coming from a textile background (most recently modern quilting) my aesthetic is big, bold, colourful and graphic. When I started transitioning from quilts to jewelry, I very much wanted to express some of that same look and feel, but with entirely new (to me) materials. Can you tell that I like the colour red?


The laser cutter has proven to be the most useful tool for my jewelry making goals, now that I've become (somewhat) proficient at operating the machine to cut birch and acrylic. Even knowing how to properly draw and upload the files has been hugely liberating. As I move forward to compile my first capsule collection, I am doing so with a much better understanding of the laser cutting process.