PhotoLab 101

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Are you an analog photographer interested in developing and printing your own work? This is a one-on-one session introducing you to the fundamentals of working in a black & white darkroom: how to use the equipment and chemicals, how to develop black & white film and print black & white photographs. Topics will include darkroom care and safety, a bit about the composition of the chemistry, film and paper, the steps of film developing and print making, and troubleshooting.

You will learn to load test film into a developing tank with the lights on and then do it with your own film in the dark before putting it through the chemical processes. We will go through the steps of making prints and apply them to creating and assessing test strips, making a photogram, a contact sheet and 2 finished prints of your work. Please note, as with film, due to the amount of time it takes prints to dry be prepared to leave your finished prints in the studio for 4+hours so that they may dry completely. This session covers the printing of images from previously developed black & white film.


Member rate: $75 + tax
General rate: $95 + tax


3 hours

You provide

35mm black & white negatives in clear archival file sheet
1 x roll of exposed 35mm black & white film to develop

We provide

8 sheets of 8"x10" Ilford RC photo paper


Dark clothes
An apron