MakerLabs is Vancouver's largest maker space. We provide the tools, space and know-how to allow anybody to create almost anything! MakerLabs (makerspace + fablab) was born out of a vision to create the best possible space for making.

At MakerLabs, we focus on Membership,Studio Space, Fabrication and Education/Outreach. 


The Team


Founder and Maker

Derek likes to make things, both virtual and physical. During the day he helps people make things at MakerLabs, and at night he dreams of all the awesome things that could be made if only he had more tools.

Adrian Granchelli.png


Community Manager

Adrian loves to inspire people both through leadership and through his work. He always has a project on the go between his adventurous endeavors. His background includes Mechanical Engineering, instructing sailing and physics! Check out his global community initiative: Hour Community.



Community Manager

Alyssa loves solving problems, she has a background in industrial design, design research and fine arts. More than anything, she's fascinated by how people interact with products, each other, and the world around us. Alyssa loves to take things apart, so that she can figure out how to put them back together in a better way.



Community Manager

Jay is a VFS Sound Design alumni seeking out the many means of connecting with other human beings through art, but especially sound and music. He strives to convey the strong sense of community and desire to create from MakerLabs through endless curiosity, big smiles, and helping people make all the things. 

Valentina Stepan.jpg



Tina is a multimedia artist and designer. She likes to create both wearable and functional pieces. Her first love was always wood but her adventure-driven spirit pushes her to a never ending exploration of new mediums and tools to create the next unique piece.




Andrew is a design engineer who loves making things for people in the workshop and the kitchen. His background is product design and thermofluids and he can combine these powers to chill a beer in 90 seconds flat. He explores digital fabrication on his blog designscroggin.com




Tommy studied Sustainable Product Design BSc focussing on reconnecting children with the natural world. The journey from a thought to a working product, through problem solving and collaboration, is what gets this guy out of bed. His sketch book of inventions will one day be turned into products to brighten people's day.




What starts out as triumph soon becomes debased into a cacophony of futility, leaving only a sense of dread and the inevitability of a new reality.






Skyler is fascinated with how things are built and loves the process! His background with Industrial Design gives him a keen eye for detail and an enthusiasm for generating creative solutions. He challenges the status quo and keeps it innovative!