MakerLabs (makerspace + fablab) was born out of a vision of creating the best possible space for making.



Derek Gaw
Co-founder and Maker

Derek likes to make things, both virtual and physical. During the day he helps people make things at MakerLabs, and at night he dreams of all the awesome things that could be made if only he had more tools.

Edward Budiman


Technology, design, art, and digital fabrication are few of the many things that fuels Edward. With a background in Computer Engineering, Edward aspires to expand his skill set to continue creating things digitally and physically. Outside of making, fixing, or tinkering with things at MakerLabs, he enjoys outdoor activities, basketball, manga, and drawing. He also participates in a lot of marathons (ie. not the running                                      kind).

Valentina Stepan.jpg

Valentina stepan


Valentina is a multimedia artist and designer. She likes to create both wearable and functional pieces. Her first love was always wood but her adventure-driven spirit pushes her to a never ending exploration of new mediums and tools to create the next unique piece.


Andrew Aitken


Andrew is a design engineer who loves making things for people in the workshop and the kitchen. His background is product design and thermofluids and he can combine these powers to chill a beer in 90 seconds flat. He explores digital fabrication on his blog


Tommy Donovan




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