Safety/Orientation classes are required for tool access regardless of previous experience.

LaserLab 101                                 WoodLab 101                          WoodLab 102

CNC Router 101                             Wood Lathe 101                     TextileLab 101

3D Printing & Scanning 101           MetalLab 101                          WeldingLab 101

Cement Casting 101                      VinylLab 101                            Electronics & Microcontrollers 101

PhotoLab 101                                 CNC Plasma Cutter 101


Design classes teach you how to use the design tools which can be partnered with digital fabrication tools

2D Vector Design 101                 3D Modeling 101                            Creative Coding

** Refunds or credit for future classes and orientations will only be provided if we are notified by email to at least 24 hours in advance of the class. No refunds will be provided for late cancellation, but we do offer a 50% credit towards a future class or orientation.

Team Building

Build a stool for the office, personalize a desk organizer or laser engrave giant Jenga! Our team building sessions include a tour, design activity and a contest. Get in touch at


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If you need a refresher you can find the class curriculum here.

Members WORKSHOPS                        COMING SOON

  • Stained Glass                                                                     3D Organic Modeling 101: Rhino
  • Jewelry Making                                                                   3D Structural Modeling 101: SketchUp
  • All Things Chocolate                                                           3D Mesh Modeling 101: Blender
  • Felting                                                                                 3D Creature Modeling 101: ZBrush
  • Silver Ring Workshop                                                         CNC Router (ShopBot) 201: Advanced 
  • Terrarium Making                                                                CNC Router (ShopBot) 301: 4th Axis Lathe





Interested in scheduling a workshop or project? Check out our educational services page here.