Tools for Women


At MakerLabs we believe in sharing tools and sharing knowledge within our community. We want to promote our labs as a place for everyone and to make sure we stay on track we are inviting 4 women every other month to do a residency here at MakerLabs. This residency is especially about empowering women use tools themselves and to help other women learn. We want to create a community that thrives through member participation to create a long lasting legacy.  One month of the residency is dedicated to learning and using the tools and the second month you become a mentor. Whether you are a seasoned maker or you are at the beginning of you making journey we are here to make sure nothing gets in your way.



Length of residency
2 months

No. of residents per month
Max 4 

Cost of residency 
$250 + tax + Any additional material residents may use 

Included in residency

  • MakerLabs Membership (2 months)
  • Dedicated studio space 
  • 4 tool orientations 
  • Platform to share/ exhibit work
  • Guidance from our fabrication team

What is expected from the residency

Month 1:
Residents are to create a project that uses tools within MakerLabs
Residents are to present a ‘show and tell’ at the next Women's Maker Meetup
Residents are to do documentation - photographs and video for promotion

Month 2: Residents are to become mentors for the next set of residents 

Residency commitment
We would expect a minimum of 15 hours a week to be committed to the programme. Residents must be at MakerLabs every Sunday between 3pm - 7pm in the first month. All other hours are flexible but we encourage group working. 

Accommodation and travel This must be arranged by the resident. 

Project legacy

  • All intellectual property will remain in possession of the resident/s
  • Anything built here is the property of the resident. If you want to leave the project at MakerLabs after the residency is over you will have to pay for storage
  • Any documentation can be shared by MakerLabs through our website/social media etc

Applications Now OPEN

We are currently taking applications for the following months:
September - October
October - November
November - December

Deadline August 19th 2018. 

  Email with the subject title 'Tools for Women' with the following:

  •  Maker CV/ Portfolio
  •  Why you want to do your residency at MakerLabs
  •  Specific tools which resident is interested in using
  • Which months you are available for

Please note this event is for cis and trans women and those who are gender non-binary, gender-fluid and femme-identified