Fabrication Services

Our fabrication team thrives on bringing your ideas to life. No job is too big, small or crazy and we have the tools and capability to build almost any creation!

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutters are a versatile and cost effective way to cut and engrave wood, acrylic, leather and paper any size up to 48" by 96". We can also engrave those materials and others: metal and glass. The maximum thickness we can cut is 3/8". For safety reasons, the laser cutter cannot cut be used to cut PVC and other vinyl derivatives, polycarbonate, HDPE, polystyrene foam, polypropylene foam, fibreglass, or carbon fibre composite. Typical turnaround time is 7 days unless it is a rush order (see below). We will include a turnaround time in our quote.


Cutting time on the machine                                              $2/min ($20 minimum)
Rush cutting on the machine (24hr turn around)               $3/min ($30 minimum)

*Additional charge may apply for design or file prep.


We have material for sale and we accept requests for other materials. You can also bring in your own material for us to cut. For a full list, see our Material Store.

CNC Machining

cnc collage.jpg

Our Shopbot CNC router can cut MDF, plywood, hardwood, plastics and aluminium up to 4'x8'. It's great for furniture, signs, and anything that has a 2D profile. Unlike the laser, it cannot do sharp internal corners and these generally have to be 1/4" radius or greater. 


Cutting time on the machine                                                        $2/min ($20 minimum) 
Rush cutting on the machine (24hr turn around)                     $3/min ($30 minimum)

*Additional charge may apply for design or file prep.


We have sheet stock in MDF and plywood for sale. See our Material Store.

Point of Sale

Point of sale POS display

Need an eye catching shop display or point of sale stand for your products? Send us your design or have us create one for you, we can work with wood, metal and plastics to best fit brand and budget. Logo and graphic options include laser etching, paint and vinyl.

Other Fabrication

If you want it made, chances are we can make it!

  • Woodwork

  • Metalwork

  • Sewing

  • Product Design and 3D modelling

  • Electronics

  • Installations

Fabrication rates:

Regular rate: $80/hr
Rush: $120/hr

What we need from you!

*We no longer accept full service 3D printing requests. Alternatively you can print through Shapeways or 3DHubs. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Would you like us to quote a project? Include:

  1. A description of the project (two to three sentences is sufficient).

  2. Material Details: Choose from our materials, request a different material or specify if you will drop off your own.

  3. Design File (optional): This can be anything from a napkin sketch to a ready to cut vector drawing. PDF is best for the laser cutter or CNC router but we also accept SVG or AI files.

  4. When is your project due? (keep in mind rush rates will apply for aggressive timelines).

Send us an email with the above information to make@makerlabs.com, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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