Space Reservation Policy:
Our spaces are open to public booking and are quoted based on impact and attendance. Your booking time must account for setup and teardown, as well as clean up once the event is finished. Medium to large events are subject to a cleaning deposit and staffing fee.

Our Rates:
Information about our rates can be viewed in our member zone here.

Members are eligible for free space or discounted prices under the following conditions:
- Member must supervise the entire event
- Event is free to attend
- Member is responsible for setup, teardown and clean up once the event is finished
- Member must be in good standing which is defined as 3 months of consecutive membership and no outstanding payments

*Late payments and/or people who do not clean up after themselves will be fined and may be denied future reservations.
*Non-profits may also qualify for free or discounted rates.

A Note on Van Conversions:
These are considered a separate class of event that you can book through this portal. Please note a $10/per day fee applies to all van conversion work which occupies our loading bays. You can book a maximum of three weekdays (Monday - Friday) per week within our regular hours.

Space Reservation

To request a quote to book any of our spaces please fill out the form below. Before requesting a booking, please check our calendar to make sure that the space is available.

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Events in excess of 100 people must book the entire flexspace